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Storage vmotion large vmdk

The best thing about storage vMotion? Migrating VMs whether powered off, or on. You'd lose the ability to do MSCS (V2V or P2V) and you can't use VCB but for the latter there's a workaround described on my blog (VMware over NFS backup tricks) which provides you not only with ability to backup and recover vmdks and files from array snapshots but you also get to provision from a snapshot if you wanted to. Runtime State Windows reporting lack of storage capacity. That should do it! robertlabrie. Choose the storage-only option, select the vSAN datastore as the destination, and proceed with the last few steps of the migration wizard. First of all storage vmotion is . There are several ways to store your Virtual Machines that run on your VMware Cloud Backend storage. Many admins encounter issues with scalability, performance and agility. You're still going to use Storage vMotion to reclaim the VMDK storage space at the Datastore level, but before you can do that you have to clean up the master file table in the Windows OS and effectively free up the storage blocks that make up your VMDK. This time, it moved the disk without any issue. Clear the SimpliVity Partial VM Backup warning message and make sure it doesn't come back for the VM. However, intent of the document is to outline process to achieve the same via an alternate way. storage infrastructure used by virtualized environments. My next few blog posts will feature VMFS, In-guest, and RDM storage presentations. VMWare Storage setup: Split VMs accross data stores or not? We are rebuilding the storage now so it would be the time to shift the plan to combined datastores, and I was just curious how other msg. vSphere will copy the files – VMX, NVRAM, VMDK(s), etc. The VMDK is currently about   18 Aug 2015 VMware's Storage vMotion is an invaluable tool to enable the migration of A typical use case is to move a virtual machine (vmdk files) to a higher of course, larger than the size of the move of a regular vMotion since all the  11 Jan 2010 Whilst doing a little storage vMotion using VMware this week, I got a little move to a datastore that is large enough to hold the largest vmdk. You might have to refresh your storage view to ensure you get an updated figures. 5 it’s possible to move VMDK files to different datastores leaving the VM powered on with no service interruption using the Storage vMotion feature. vmdk files inside will not. Thin-provisioning is a bad practise IMO and only acts as an “I. 1 year ago. O. Thick and Thin Provisioning: What Is the Difference? In this article, we are going to consider the storage pre-allocation aspect of virtual disk settings in detail and find out what thick and thin provisioning are, how they differ, and which of these storage pre-allocation types is better for your infrastructure. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. vmdk. An update to the I/O path configuration is tracked with a unique Configuration ID (CID). Not something I have done before, but nothing wrong with that. Apparently with VVOLs, the disk sizing must be full 1MB sizes – so any oddly sized disks will fail to move. Options for Larger than 2TB Volumes I performed a few Storage vMotion operations and everything seemed fine; I couldn’t recreate the same behavior. The maximum supported VMDK size on an VMFS-5 datastore is increased to 62 TB. Can you shrink a vmdk? Make a vmware hard disk sma Top 80 VMware Interview Questions & Answers. vmdk from growable to preallocated : vmware-vdiskmanager -r current_disk_name. Support for N_Port ID This week, I've done an upgrade vSphere from 5. Because VMFS3 datastores do not support large capacity virtual disks, you cannot move virtual disks greater than 2 TB from a VMFS5 datastore to a VMFS3 datastore. 5 and VMware ESXi™ 6. Near as I could figure, Storage vMotion (with ESX 3. Procedure. Migrating non-production Oracle RAC using VMware Storage vMotion with minimal downtime Much has been discussed and documented about Storage vMotion of Oracle RAC Clusters on VMware SDDC which can be found in the numerous blog posts available at Oracle on VMware Collateral – One Stop Shop. 1. They had a SQL  Large . A while ago I received a request from the storage department to move a whole ESX cluster to another storage I/O-Group. . I’;ve been having some issues with the conversion of a VMDK to a Physical RDM. How to Mass Storage vMotion. We have ADLVM02 . I know you can rename the VMDK's by doing a storage vmotion. X. This article provides information on the conditions and limitations of large capacity virtual disks in ESXi 5. vmdk If you wish to change the size of the disk, this should be done while the disk is still in growable format (examples here). 5 that enables VMDK migration between guest OSes. vmdk, and redologs, that support snapshot functionality are moved with the . See the VMware HCL for supported storage configurations and select the used storage interface as filter. 5 U1. 0 I have some very large VMs running Linux that I need to vMotion to another datastore cluster. vmdk file. vMotion is most used feature in VMware vSphere. 5 Depending on how large the snapshot is it may take a while. vmdk is a Passthrough Raw Device Mapping. Storage VMotion lets you move a VMs constituent files from one datastore to another while the VM is live. In vMotion only virtual machine will be migrated from one host to another storage stays at the same place. 1 Feb 2012 use Storage vMotion to move the VM to the new datastores. Log locations: Hansen said he used Storage vMotion to move one of the large VMDK files to another data store, but the college suffered one-and-a-half days of server downtime because the server couldn't power back on until there was adequate space in the data store. You cannot relocate RDMs larger than 2 TB to datastores other than VMFS-5 or, to hosts older than ESXi 5. Conclusion. Where are the Storage Profiles in vSphere 5. 2 thoughts on “ Find orphaned vmdk files via workflow ” simon February 12, 2018 at 7:21 am. Best Practices running VMware with NFS. • Each individual VM might address a large amount of storage and/or have hi gh I/O requirements . While the ESX and ESXi use cases might not seem the “perfect candidates” for cloning in a “production” environment, in the lab it allows for an abundance of possibilities in regression and isolation testing. Run VM from backup and then Storage VMOtion on ESX5 fails which caused the vmkernel to dump when trying to vMotion of VM ran from backup (our mounted VM missed – And last but not least, it appears that the vmkernel is somehow limited in using its CPU resources for VMotion and I guess I will never be able to use the full 7 Gb for VMotion in our current environment 🙁 20-07-2010 Update for vSphere 4. 4. VMDK file be provisioned as eagerzeroedthick. snapshot directory of the snapvault location (We have a simple shell script to list all versions) Moving VMDK files on ESXi whenever I've tried to download a large file from an ESXi Server, it would always crash the client or just drop the download, and it The below GUI snap confirms that VM has 8 GB assigned vmdk. However, both the new and old envirnoment have full access to the same storage, so Storage vMotion is not necessary. Little confusing to me. Storage DRS. - When you perform Storage vMotion, the virtual 2. What system requirements and limitations does Storage vMotion have? Storage vMotion is a licensed feature and is only available in the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions of vSphere. VMware vSphere best practices for IBM SAN Volume Controller and IBM Storwize family. Any space remaining in the vmdk after the Guest OS has written what it needs is filled up by blocks of zeros. The VMware VMDK driver for OpenStack Block Storage is recommended and should be used for managing volumes based on vSphere data stores. in the summary tab : provisioned storage 390Gb, Not shared storage 314Gb, Used storage 314Gb. 0+) – migration does not disturb VM – – no downtime – – transparent to VM Start studying VMWare vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage v5. In the process of cloning, a single large vmdk will be split into smaller vmdk files. A VMDK can be allocated as thick or thin. A storage vMotion of a smaller VMDK completes with no issues. VMDK files still have a maximum size of 2TB minus 512 bytes. Thin-provisioned virtual disks on vSphere enable you to overcommit space at the datastore level. In-array, cross-array, and host-based methods are examined. Now, we need to reclaim 5 GB . x and 6. VM Snapshots are fully supported, but note that the larger VMDKs will now leverage the new SE Sparse Disk format introduced in vSphere 5. vmdk) On December 14, 2015 December 14, But to reflect this editing you must make Storage vMotion to this virtual machine. • Calculate CPU and memory requirements for all roles. Without again stating the I had been involved so heavily in storage Vmotion that I decided to write about it. Re: Restore a sepcific VMDK from snapshot on single Nimble VMFS volume with multiple VMs One alternative is to power on the VM while it is still in the cloned datastore, and if everything looks good, you can Storage vMotion it to the original datastore. What VSAN Does to VMDKs . 5 or later host version is required. • Storage DRS Because RDM and VMDK sharing were choices for implementing clustering in vSphere environments. VMDK  29 Sep 2017 The one thing that has been pointed out over and over is large VMDK's for Veeam snapshots and Storage vMotion is pretty costly time and  19 Dec 2016 The heap memory contains pointers to data blocks on VMDK files on VMFS volumes. Many of you may recall the article I wrote titled The Case for Larger Than 2TB Virtual Disks and The Gotcha with VMFS. Jim Hannan (), Principal ArchitectUpdate: With vSphere 6 and the introduction of VVols, I thought it was time to write part 2 of this blog, and you can find it here. How can I shrink the ~80GB vmdk back down to ~10GB noting that the VMWare tools show the "shrink" option isn't available and I can't use any of the other techniques I've seen (such as sdelete/zero-fill and "vStorage motion" it) because either a) I don't have another temporary storage location and b) the current storage location doesn't have Remove stuck snapshot through Storage VMotion. They asked because while all of their datastores were showing plenty of free space they remembered that I had mentioned that some of them were very over provisioned. This should have been a simple vMotion operation, but the task failed repeatedly at approximately 65% complete. A distributed vsan datastore is then created leveraging the local storage from each of the ESXi hosts. THE CHARACTERISTICS OF ISOLATED DATASETS (FOR BUSINESS-CRITICAL APPLICATIONS) • VMs that require application-specific backup and restore agents. Shrinking a thick provisioned VMDK. VMware vMotion is a vSphere feature that allows you to move a running VMware virtual machine from one host to another, with no significant impact on your production environment. 0 to 5. And datastore resource cost for Storage vMotion is 16 (defaults for other versions of ESXi can be found here: Limits on Simultaneous Migrations). After Storage vMotion to VMFS 6 datatsore, delta file is chnaged to SEsparse (VMname-000001-sesparse. This white paper profiles and compares various methods of data migration in a virtualized environment. For example, one of these monsters has about 50 virtual disks of varying sizes, totaling close to 6TB. hbacommon. 72 GB out of this 8 GB and there is a large percentage of free disk. vmdk) file at the destination. VMFS storage ecosystem is very inefficient for large numbers of VMs (hundreds to thousands). I also enabled Virtual Provisioning on the NFS file system. Reclaiming disk space with Storage vMotion and Thin Provisioning I’ve seen a number of posts on the VMTN forums as well as had discussions with folks regarding reclaiming disk space with Storage vMotion so I thought it made sense to do a quick write-up on how this process works. It will validate the plan and tell you if there   11 Aug 2015 Long distance (storage) VMotions couldn't do a big bang migration ExampleVM_1. 5. RDMs are often a good choice for > 2TB volumes. •Host contention issues arose when a VM/VMDK was created on one host, and then vMotion was used to migrate the VM to another host •If additional blocks were allocated to the VM/VMDK by the new host at the same time as the original host tried to allocate blocks for a different VM in the same resource a- vMotion is supported on Oracle single-node DB and Oracle RACs using shared disks with multi-writer flags only not with RDM shared disks using SCSI-Bus Sharing. Overcommitting space means that you can provision more space to VMs than the actual capacity of the datastore allows. This guide shows how you can shrink the virtual disk files (they have the extension . 6 Oct 2009 With VMware vSphere, ESX, and VMFS, running out of space on a Use Storage VMotion to move the disks for that VM to another datastore above video, I simply copied a large file from a network share to each Windows  7 Jan 2019 I recently ran across an issue during a ESXi cluster/SAN migration to the new cluster/SAN (using simultaneous compute/storage vMotion operations). This means that you are now longer restricted by the network you created on the vSwitches in order to vMotion a virtual machine. Thin VMDKs are created initially with only 1MB of storage. Availability Group members and had a larger number of disks (5+). With VMware vSphere 5. For more information see the Virtual Disk Manager User’s Guide. Video Content [TBA] Introduction: VMotion, Storage VMotion, and Cold Migration. This can then be used for VM placement, and also supports a range of core vSphere technologies like vMotion, DRS and vSphere HA. File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore. Migrating Virtual Machines with svmotion Storage vMotion moves a virtual machine’s configuration file, and, optionally, its disks, while the virtual machine is running. vmdk test. We have had to recover the server recently and it took 48hours to storage vmotion the machine back to the SAN from the respository. 0 or later. The question is “when do we stun (or in other words, quiesce) virtual machines”, why do we do it, and more importantly, how long can a stun operation take? One VMware ESXi 5. The Design and Evolution of Live Storage Migration in VMware ESX Live storage migration (Storage vMotion) VMDK VMDK . VSAN will look at the storage policy assigned to each VM and then automatically apply it, placing each . hadn't be actually tried), but based on sound judgement and facts. The following sections outline some of the storage features provided by VMware. Each of these transitions is completely transparent to any users on the virtual machine at Physical Compatibility mode RDMs cannot be migrated to a VMDK file. actions · 2017-Jun-8 3 they were told it was faster than one large volume). We are now ready to dive into VMware vSphere storage design and physical storage design to achieve maximum performance. Learn how to add a GUI to SVMotion and about possible disk defragmentation. – from the old storage to the vSAN datastore. A long back story results in my manager kicking off a Storage vMotion of a VM with a single thin provisioned 52 TB (yes TB) VMDK. [Updated 04/09/2013] The good news is as of vSphere 5. If you clone virtual machine with an RDM still attached, the contents of the raw LUN mapped by the RDM are copied into a new virtual disk (. X and 4. By David Davis; 07/18/2012; With the recent addition of a SAN to my home lab (see my Q&A with Drobo to learn more about it), I wanted to move all my virtual machines from the old SAN (I won't mention any names) to the new SAN. It has two VMDK files. Your data is your responsibility, proceed at your own risk, and review the disclaimer at the far bottom left of all TinkerTry vSphere Storage Design for Maximum SQL Performance. vMotion will work across a mix of switches (standard and distributed). There is an extra cost involved in licensing the appropriate edition of the VMware vSphere 5. » Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:25 pm 1 person likes this post mreavis wrote: I was actually planning to build a new 2012 server soon to test out some of the new storage features in the OS, so I will enable Hyper-V to test that as well. 0 Author: Falko Timme . This is this simplest and easiest to script. Posts about vmotion storage written by Collin C MacMillan. vmdk ie. Takes an ESX snapshot ; Then file copies the closed VDMK (which is the large majority of the VM) to the target datastore ; Then "reparents" the open (and small) VDMK to the target (synchronizing) The VM can have snapshots. i’m looking for script which to find orphaned VM and i saw your post here, i have tried your script and it seem not working or may be my step is wrong. Check vMotion Test on Workload Characterization document in References section below. 27 Mar 2015 That report tracks all vMotion and Storage vMotion activities and can be a great help to find large amounts of VM migrations and large vmdk  Live Storage Migration in VMware ESX Large and it changes often → Iteratively copy. Thin VMDKs definitely save on storage; on my test VMware environment I use a template of each Windows platform. See “VMware vMotion and Storage vMotion” on page 64, “VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)” on page 67, and “VMware Fault Tolerance” on page 75. 0 Compatible for the purpose of this project I want to use the ovftool and doing so with such a large image is not •Data Domain system configured as NFS data store for VMDK files •VMDK files moved in their native format – template, archive, mount, boot •Supports VMware Storage VMotion for live migration of VMDK files Step 2: Copy VMDK Snapshot via NFS VMotion Step 3: VMDK files are automatically replicated to DR SiteDeduplication Storage In environments without shared storage, operations such as snapshot quiesce, cloning, Storage vMotion, or vMotion can take significantly longer to finish. Can you shrink a vmdk? Make a vmware hard disk smaller?? Seeing if it will update after the storage vmotion. What to do, and have some good planing, not cane out of storage or similiar problems… Hi all, Has anyone every tried live-converting a VM with vmdk disks (moved form ESXi) to qcow2 while the VM is still running? We've currently got a large amount of VMs that have at least one or even multiple large virtual disks (>500GB avg. By contrast the advantages of NFS datastores are well documented. VMware vSphere: Evolutionary or Revolutionary? The new Storage VMotion engine drives better performance and brings full support for all the storage protocols -- Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NFS With the release of vSphere 6. vmdk file lying How To Guy. Null blocks are copied from source to destination resulting in a VMDK that is the same size, despite thin being chosen as the destination disk type. To resolve this I found the vmkfstools command line utility helps. This is certainly not my first post about UNMAP and I am pretty sure it will not be my last, but I think this is one of the more interesting updates of late. Factors Affecting Storage vMotion . Sure, the Datastore Browser shows the VMDK pointer file for the RDM to be the same size as the backing LUN (50GB, in my case), but I couldn’t seem to make vCenter Server balk when migrating the VMDK. The virtual disk will be given a new, unique UUID so it does not interfere with the original virtual disk . 3. „ Virtual machine disks must be in persistent mode or be raw device maps. 2”. Purpose. 11). VMDK files are provisioned as zeroedthick. A lot has changed with vSphere 5. EMC Isilon and VMware vSphere 5 5 Reference Architecture Reference Architecture Overview This Reference Architecture document is intended to serve as a basis for planning a VMware vSphere infrastructure built on a foundation of Isilon scale -out storage. You can change the RDM from physical to virtual mode and then storage vMotion from RDM to vmdk. Cold Storage vMotion. how do i process the correct step? PAC267-C ESX Server Storage Internals Satyam Vaghani 3. • vMotion across VMware® vCenter™ Server management boundaries • Easily move VMs across vSwitches, folders and data centers • Builds upon vMotion without shared storage Overview • Simplifies vCenter Migration and consolidation • Aligns vMotion capabilities with larger data center environments Benefits vMotion Across vCenter Servers 25 To move the virtual machine's configuration file, you can use Storage vMotion or cold migration with relocation of files. vmx) files Storage automatically move VMs to other disks if the profile-configured type is not the actual location of the VM (Storage vMotion would typically be manually invoked to fix the issue). You can use the vSphere client or PowerCLI to do perform this “advanced” Storage vMotion. In some cases (as a rule in clustering scenarios) it may be necessary to share the same disk (vmdk or RMD) between 2 (or more) virtual machines (VMs) on VMWare ESXi. Disk Consolidation Needed - Unable to access file since it is locked After deleting snapshots on a VM either by deleting an individual snapshot or selecting "Delete All" snapshots, you may see the following warning for the VM, stating that disk consolidation is needed. While the primary focus of this paper is on the VMware vSphere If the VM is scattered, perform a storage vMotion of the VM to the datastore where the SimpliVity backup is stored. In the zeroedthick format, the space for the . vmdk) can have separate storage policies as while performing the Storage vMotion of the VM you will get the 2004155, When using Storage vMotion to move a thin disk between two VMFS volumes with the same block size, null blocks are not reclaimed. If You have one vdisk or all your vdisks reside on the same VMFS, then I only have to tell it to use the source VMFS as the target VMFS. A Detailed Review . e. The virtual machine files, such as . VMware Storage vMotion, for instance, allows for the live migration of disk files between different data stores. Prior to Storage vMotion to VMFS 6 datastore, delta files was in VMFSsparse format (VMname-000001-delta. b- Leverage Multi-NIC vMotion with your Oracle Nodes for faster vMotion operations of large Best Practices for High Performance NFS Storage with VMware (VMDK) can reach up to two terabytes in size. x host to another. The datastore where the snapshot will be created does not have a large enough block size to hold the snapshot of the large VMDK so the operation fails. Relocate virtual machine <virtual machine name>. 2: Determine Physical Infrastructure Requirements for a VMware NSX Implementation Discern management and edge cluster requirements – Following PowerCLI Update-VmfsDatastore makes it easier for setups with large VM to upgrade to VMFS6. Re: VM FileServer w2k12r2 - Data Drive RDM or VMDK It's not all lost if you go for guest based iSCSI. Then file copies the closed VDMK (which is the large majority of the VM) to the target datastore Then "reparents" the open (and small) VDMK to the target (synchronizing) Then "deletes" the snapshot (in effect merging the large VDMK with the small reparented VMDK) Source: VMworld 2007 - TA54 Technology Preview –Storage VMotion Though if the files are large it could be slow and resource intensive. 0 host. 0. September 6, Try doing a storage vMotion to a VMFS volume and back to the NFS disk. A storage vmotion of a large VMDK fails at 10%. So to allow only one storage vMotion at a time you can either change the limit to 16 or cost to 128. Storage vMotion and RDMs I'm seeing weird 'requirements' when storage vMotioning VMs that have physical RDMs. 5 U2 with latest patch. It is easy to make a VMDK bigger, but not so much to shrink it. The historical statistical data from each component is persisted by tagging with the corresponding CID. When you start the vMotion, it zips along until it hits 32%. Storage vMotion is the storage analog of virtual machine vMotion—data in active use by an ESX host can be transparently migrated from one storage pool to another. I used the vSphere client to time how long the operation took and XIV Top to see how much IO was being generated by the vSphere server. 7, VVol support enables up to 5 WSFC cluster nodes to access the same shared VVol disk. VMware shops eye NFS and NAS for VMDK storage. • Storage capacity is pooled and distributed to the VMs - Physical storage devices are partitioned into logical storage (LUNs) - LUNs are used to create a datastore • How do VMs access data center storage? - VMs are stored as VMDK (. In my case it was 8GB disk assigned and hence the value was 83886080. The vmdk file is rather large it is 450gb. vmdk and datastore 2 also has a ExampleVM. Hi All Quick question, we have a file server, with a drive attached on the VM that is 4TB in size. How to unlock a vmdk file without a host reboot by Harley Stagner on November 25, 2009 I ran into a situation recently with a client that had an Exchange server VM that would not start due to a locked VMDK file on the ESX host. As data is written to the VMDK, then storage blocks are created on physical storage. The simple use of vMotion is a huge benefit to any environment, such as the ability to have a fast and central repository for virtual machine templates, to recover virtual machines on another host if a host fails, and the ability to allocate large amounts of storage Guys sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place but here goes:- I am running vSphere 4. To Storage vMotion is fully supported, but be aware that Storage vMotions of larger VMDKs can now take longer to complete (obviously). The host on which the virtual machine is running must have a license that includes Storage vMotion. This provides zero-downtime data migration and simplifies storage maintenance, tiering, load balancing upgrades, and other storage-related tasks. Recovering virtual machines. vmsn, -delta. SVMotion requirements: Storage VMotion Requirements and Limitations Storage VMotion is subject to the following requirements and limitations: „ Virtual machines with snapshots cannot be migrated using Storage VMotion. The example of the log file are collect from VMware ESX 4. In this case we see that the VMDK file size now match almost exactly the amount of data consumed by the internal Windows guest and all “dead space” has been restored to the datastore. The virtual disk will then be added from that copied datastore to the VM. I have also found a rather large 42GB . After this initial synchronization, vSphere FT will mirror VMDK write operations between the primary and secondary over the FT network to ensure the storage of the replicas continues to be identical. A customer of mine had a virtual machine with a stuck snapshot. Read test on Linux VM located on ScaleIO storage: 192MB/sec with 512B read-ahead. The good news is, there is a way to substantially simplify this task with the help of Veeam! And, what’s even better, you won’t have to pay another penny for that. Two files make up a virtual disk: a descriptor bearing the extension . test. To shrink the disk, Edit the descriptor file VM_Name. 0 or later hosts or to clusters that have such hosts available. When you looked in the snapshot manager you wouldn’t see a snapshot. 0 and so has one of the most under-appreciated “features”…. x host. How to Shrink a Thin VMDK on ESXi 5. svMotion performance, to a large extent, depends on the capabilities of the physical hardware backing the storage that is being migrated. 5? . 10 Dec 2012 Storage vMotion enhancements in vSphere 5. Storage vMotion is a capability that most VMware administrators use with extreme discretion, and they try to perform these movements during maintenance windows. The one thing that has been pointed out over and over is large VMDK's for Veeam snapshots and Storage vMotion is pretty costly time and resource intensive; a lot of which seems to be speculation (i. VCP6-NV Study Notes – Section 2 Understand VMware NSX Physical Infrastructure Requirements – Part 2 Objective 2. 0 (2006) – Live storage migration lite (Upgrade vMotion) Src Volume. You may be able to continue this session by freeing disk space on the relevant partition, and clicking Retry After investigating , the datastore got filled up coz of the snapshots of the virtual machine. In that article I put forward the pros and cons for larger than 2TB virtual disks, some solutions suitable for large storage VM’s in vSphere, and an issue caused by VMFS Heap Size. RDM converted to VMDK virtual disks cannot be converted back. Why Storage vMotion Hurts. 2058287, VMware ESXi 5. Edit the VMX file and reboot the VM. 1 doesn't provision EagerZeroedThick disks properly when doing a storage vMotion. g. VMware vMotion was introduced in 2003 and is now a part of almost all VMware vSphere editions, except for vSphere Essentials Kit, which is designed for small virtual When using WinSCP i can see original file flat 250gb, and four vmdk files, and of course delta files. Then use Storage vMotion to transfer the VM disk to the VMFS 3 datastore. Issues reported in vSphere Client when performing storage migrations (storage vMotion). VMFS has been substantially changed and I wanted to list some of the major changes and express my appreciation for the great work the VMFS team has done! The graph is updated continuously for events such as vMotion, Storage vMotion, Storage DRS, HA failover, and so on. and Evolution of Live Storage Migration in VMware ESX . This is a question that seems to come up regularly, but I don’t think it appears in any great detail in external facing documentation. outofspace:There is no more space for virtual disk server_1-000008. Hi. 1 / VMware ESXi 5. Hard Disk 2 was expanded to 10GB instead of 5 GB. However, so far as I can tell, it doesn't need to be that large. vmx configuration file. vSphere Storage vMotion - migrate a VM's files while the VM is powered on, to another datastore NOTE: Concurrent migration are possible: - a max of 128 concurrent vSphere vMotion access to a single VMware vSphere VMFS datastore - a max of 8 concurrent cloning, deploument, or vSphere Storage vMotion access to a single VMFS datastore Top 5 vMotion Configuration Mistakes One of the best technologies for vSphere is the virtual machine migration technology, vMotion. Storage vMotion the VM onto the Transfer datastore (which, since it doesn’t have any disks, is quick) Locate the version of the VMDK you want in the . vmdk between datastores formatted with different block sizes; if you move the VM between two datastores formatted with the same blocksize, the disk will not be shrunk. 4 May 2017 When I started the storage vMotion, it would quickly error out. Please note that NFS is not supported as a destination for a RDM disk migration. Under extent description replace value between RW _ _ _ _ _ VMFS *-flat. vmdk in VMware -> Nutanix AHV. Ofcourse, you no need to do this manually if your organization can afford to buy VMware additional/commercial tools that come with additional costs (eg. Storage and Availability technical documents and other informational materials, covering VMware vSAN, Virtual Volumes, and Site Recovery Manager. Using SDelete and vmkfstools to Reclaim Thin VMDK Space Using thin provisioned virtual disks can provide many benefits. The following terms are used in this discussion of Exchange virtualization: Cold Last week I was asked by a customer which datastore would be the best location for a new virtual machine. and VMware ESXi 4. vmx and . We have so far covered SQL Server VM storage architecture from the database down to the data store. vmdk) Version 1. Storage vMotion – The limitation of moving VMs with snapshots applies to ESX(i) hosts version 3. • Datastore Extents – Best practice: Use homogeneous storage devices (512n or 512e) as extents for spanned VMFS datastore. 5 . bkup (take backup) # vi test. The rise of large, complex storage has collided with During a large LUN migration project I have discovered that vSphere 4. Once it is a VVol, you can now clone, Storage vMotion, snapshot etc, etc. 1 if using VMFS3 (not NFS) you must move the . Storage vMotion – migrate live VM to new storage – – VM stays on same host – – all or varied datastore targets – – storage type independent – – thick/thin disk support – – RDM to VMDK conversion – – snapshot support (5. 5 or later host is required. A scenario where disks location has to be reconfigured occurs when a SQL Server is configured with Data, Logs and TempDB stored on same LUN with Lazy Zeroed VMDK format. Not far past, virtual machines didn’t support large disks and RDM was single choice to resolving the issue. "Luckily for us in that case, it was a redundant backup server. vmdk" i am assuming this is a snapshot used for storage vmotion and i would like to get rid of it. Use an intermediate step (Storage VMotion to a VMFS volume, either local or on an iSCSI/FC SAN) as a workaround. 0 has a new feature that supports the ability for direct UNMAP operations from inside a virtual machine issued from a Guest OS • These datasets are ideally served by large, shared, policy-driven storage pools (or datastores). VMDK). vMotion, the migration process comes down to copy large (vmdk) files. 17 Feb 2015 In layman's understanding of this feature, when a storage vMotion request was created, the SAN was notified of the request, and the SAN would  26 Apr 2013 House of Brick Principal Architect. What about Storage DRS, are there affinity rules related to it? As with hosts in clusters, a datastore in a storage cluster may be temporarily lost or corrupted. Here are my two tips when using Storage VMotion, to avoid the problems I have seen: Ensure that you have sufficient space in the source datastore as Storage VMotion uses snapshots to transfer the VMDKs over. FT virtual machine is not considered FT-protected until the Storage vMotion completes. When selecting hardware, it is a good idea to consider CPU compatibility for VMware vMotion™ (which in turn affects DRS, DPM, and other features) and VMware Fault Tolerance. Provides smart placement of VMs based on I/O and space capacity. database servers. vSphere 6. 5 introduces supportability for virtual machine disks (VMDKs) larger than 2 TB. The VMWare Player settings suggest that ~21. vmsd, . vmdk) files on datastore - VM configuration files (VM settings) are stored as VMX (. Virtual machines with large capacity disks have the following conditions and limitations: The guest operating system must support large capacity virtual hard disks. Perhaps I'm missing some basic point here, but I would thing that a datastore that has room for the VMDK disks would be usable without moving anything else, and that's all that would be needed. This is friday, so I expect everyone in this great Spiceworks community to just sit around idling, waiting for my post. I have just been busy taking care of a Storage vMotion between a source ESX host, a buffer Openfiler-based NFS datastore, and a destination ESX host. VMDK) Similar to that, When a VM with a vmdk of the size smaller than 2 TB is migrated to VMFS5, the snapshot format changes to Below are the few points if you want to go with large size VMDK (Virtual Machine virtual disks) For large capacity virtual disks, An ESXi 5. vmdk files dissapeared and VM was shown as "inacessible" in the vCenter inventory. What is vMotion: vMotion Allows you to lively migrate virtual machines from one physical ESXi host to another ESXi host without downtime. In those cases you have to weigh the tradeoffs. Maybe we should put a sleep after starting move of each VM?! I have not yet had the pleasure testing in a large environment yet. Find out why you'd need a monster VM and how to create one. But VMware storage poses potential problems. VMDK file is fully allocated, but blocks are initialized when they are first accessed. Ultimately the issue presents itself as a vMotion timeout. With Storage vMotion, you can migrate a virtual machine and its disk files from one datastore to another while the virtual machine is running. Please note that you should be able to do it even without Storage vMotion if you first shut down the VM. Snapshot Architecture – ESX 3. Now please understand, these numbers and timings are based on a lab environment. In this hands-on training course, you will explore the new features and enhancements in VMware vCenter Server® 6. The combination Shared VMFS partitions offer a number of benefits over local storage. But in the end all of them work great–and there are plenty of options for moving RDMs to VVols. By default, the VMware . Note that vSphere will potentially be copying large amounts of data. svMotion performance (measured by virtual disk migration time) is determined by When cloning or storage vMotioning vmdks, the VAAI primitive XCOPY is used, so 1000’s of XCOPY SCSI commands need to be sent to the array to describe where the vmdk is and also where it needs to be. Raw Device Mappings occasionally represent large raw LUNs. • Calculate storage requirements for Mailbox server(s). This is a particular problem with large frequently changing VMs, e. VM showing 0 bytes used from old datastore after Storage vMotion Recently I did some VM migrations to new datastores and I ran into a problem. Also note that at least in ESX(i) 4. This makes it faster, but certainly not instant and especially large VMDKs can still take a good deal of time. After the Storage vMotion is complete you should use the Datastore Browser on the new datastore and see how much space was reclaimed. The VMDK is currently about 36 TB thin and we are attempting to move it to another storage array to free space. 12 (Part 1 - VMotion) Johnny Zhang. 0 build-348481. A fun customer of ours asked me today if you could convert an RDM directly into a VMDK. 18 Jul 2012 The best thing about storage vMotion? This may be "old hat" for those of you with large enterprise networks, but it had been a long time (what,  17 Sep 2012 Support for an individual VM with larger than 120TB storage Implications: No Storage vMotion, No Hypervisor Snapshot Support, No Cloning, No size for VMFS to 640MB and the maximum open VMDK storage per host to  7 Jun 2019 Nutanix VMware ESXi cluster storage vMotion Performance Issue . Now if you're keeping track, I did mention that this issue had a fix available. The most optimal way is to use the vmdk disk physically located on the shared storage or locally on the ESXi host. This article provides information on the conditions and limitations of large capacity virtual disks in ESXi 5. Using NAS with the NFS protocol is a fully supported storage option. However, the maximum supported VMDK size on VMFS-3 is still 2 TB. To work around this you have two options: Storage VMotion the configuration file only to the datastore that holds the biggest VMDK for the machine in question. 27 May 2012 In this example we have a thin provisioned VMDK file with the size of 8 GB, 1. If you are moving SQL Server or Oracle data from RDM to VMDK, please use the advanced tab in the migration wizard to specify ‘Thick Provisioned Eager Zeroed’ as the virtual disk format. It's snowing like crazy in Norway, but luckily I am indoors at the moment. Michelle Laverick. Or not. This will bring up a copy of the datastore that the virtual disk sits on from the snapshot you choose. I increased the disk size to an even MB size, saved the VM configuration and then retried the storage vMotion. Data Migration Techniques for VMware vSphere. You can perform Storage vMotion tasks from the vSphere Client or with the svmotion command. I was wondering if storage VMotion would help me out here if they assigned me some new storage on the other I/O-Group instead of moving the current LUNs. I find copy and renaming vmdk file and creating new vm (attached renamed vmdk) from vClient is hassle free and clean. So maybe a cold migration is the way to go. Abstract . You can use all the vSphere software’s supported features and related VMware products, including: vMotion Storage vMotion What is vMotion: vMotion Allows you to lively migrate virtual machines from one physical ESXi host to another ESXi host without downtime. 10) or in the graphical user interface (see Figure 3. The cutover approach we used is simple: Power down the source virtual machine. I tried using both high and standard priority migrations, but it failed every time, simply reporting “The VM failed to resume on the destination during early power on” Be aware that you cannot change the disk format at this point, so if you’re seeding thick provisioned and you want to be thin provisioned in the end-state, you’ll have to run a storage VMotion afterwards to correct this. Version: vSphere 5. This topic all about the moving of the virtual machine from one location to another - occasionally this refer to as workload protability or 'live migration' by industry experts or other virtualization vendors. and base OS disk files, leaving the large data disk file on its original datastore. are a part of a cluster. VMware has also led the industry in working with partners to create integrations between storage systems and VMware. Align Datastore Names With VM Names Using Storage vMotion VM however the . Note : Also ensure that the disk size limitations for configured block size of the datastore have not been exceeded. In the version 5 of vSphere you can migrate VMs with Originating Author. 5 we have support for 62TB VMDK’s, so you are pretty much free to choose whichever size VMDK you like up to this limit provided you’re running VMFS 5 and vSphere 5. 1: The new features of vSphere 4. allow you isolate one VM's storage from another if you want to use VMotion across ESX hosts. 2. The virtual machine must not have snapshots on ESX/ESXi 4. vSAN is completely integrated with the vSphere. It may have snapshots on ESXi 5. But now and especially on vSphere 6. Storage vMotion. vmdk, and a file containing data, using the extension –flat. 0+) – migration does not disturb VM – – no downtime – – transparent to VM a. Our VM hosts had storage allocated from 2 different SANs at the time, and our naming convention was a little off, so identifying quickly that the data store was on a different SAN wasn’t entirely obvious at first. Another way of copying a large vmdk is to an external drive is by using v,ware workstartion -> VM -> Clone function. How To Shrink VMware Virtual Disk Files (. EMC Information Infrastructure Solutions. I have some issues regarding lack of harddisk space on my datastores. vmdk) of your VMware virtual machines so that if you zip them, they will use much less space. You can move or clone disks that are greater than 2 TB to ESXi 6. Using VMware Storage vMotion when shared storage is down You can also use a Storage vMotion operation to perform the same migration task. 5GB is unused, and the output of df suggests that around ~13GB is used (assuming this includes swap) when it's actually running. BIG-IP LTM and vMotion enable the enterprise to dynamically scale virtual machines. VMDK. There maybe some differences in the earlier version of ESX logs, but the steps should be same. In our example, we will storage VMotion our VM from VMFS1 to Storage 1 as shown in the images below: 5- After the storage Vmotion has been carried out successfully, your disk should shrink to almost the same sizing showing in windows as showing in the image below. There will be difference in the view of Provisioned Storage, Non-shared Storage & Used Storage for Thick VMDK and Thin VMDK disk For Thick VMDK, All the above 3 values will be same but refer the value difference for the Thin Disk. vmdk -t 3 new_disk_name. VMware Converter may at first seem like a bygone tool for [2] Beside SAP HANA TDI stoarge certification, it has to get ensured, that the storage storage solution is VMware certified. You can deploy Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019 in a virtualized environment. Real-world use case deployment scenarios, hands-on lab exercises, and lectures will teach you the skills that you need to effectively implement and configure VMware vSphere® 6. And you are still limited to 256 LUNs per ESXi 5. x. 17 Apr 2019 A shared disk is a VMDK file that two or more virtual machines can read online migration of such VMs (neither vMotion nor Storage vMotion). Re: Getting around 2TB VMDK limit for file servers Post by Vitaliy S. 0 and have a very large VM (2 VMDK disks one just  19 Apr 2018 environment and while they may not be as large as the production RAC clusters, With VMware Storage vMotion technology, we can migrate VM's to VMware storage vMotion will migrates ALL vmdk/s including Oracle  26 May 2017 A long back story results in my manager kicking off a Storage vMotion of a VM with a single thin provisioned 52 TB (yes TB) VMDK. As far as it's known this is an unsupported method and can defiantly corrupt or break you virtual disk. In that case an ordinary vMotion (without Storage vMotion) is performed. This would be a disruptive action. Only “Storage vMotion back to the source VMFS” is selected. Cross vSwitch vMotion:- Cross vSwitch vMotion allows you to seamless migrate a virtual machines across different virtual switches while performing a vMotion. We wanted to demonstrate that, while VMware is copying the VM to another host/storage, it does nothing about the internal fragmentation of files in Windows. Once done check the vmdk files again, the delta files should now be gone. Not only do they allow over-provisioning, but with the prevalence of flash storage, performance degradation really isn’t a concern like it used to be. Volumes with VMware vSphere¶ The VMware driver supports attaching volumes from the Block Storage service. Select VM storage policies which will be associated to this datastore. What is Storage vMotion? Fault Tolerance is a seldom used feature even though it’s been available since the days of VMware Infrastructure, the old name for what today is known as VMware vSphere; the software suite comprising vCenter Server and the ESXi hypervisor along with the various APIs, tools, and clients that Volumes with VMware vSphere¶ The VMware driver supports attaching volumes from the Block Storage service. Storage VMotion works as follows: - Storage VMotion is integrated into the Migration Wizard - Select the Move Storage option when the wizard launches - Select the target datastore and complete the wizard It’s main use is to restore completely broken or lost VMs, but what if you want to restore a single VMDK, maybe because the original VM is fine and you only need one of its virtual disks? usually, a disk restore would require a complete binary restore into the production datastore, and if the disk is quite large it can take some time. VMware vMotion, Storage vMotion, DRS, HA While not formally tested by Splunk, the resources needed for various vSphere migrations will have a performance impact on Splunk deployments within VMware environments. [3] The defined KPIs for Data Throughput and Latency for production SAP HANA systems has to be fulfilled for each VM. By Nisar Ahmad VMFS can also store large files which size can up to 64TB in vSphere 6. When the VM reaches the new LUN the disks will be formatted as Thick instead of EZT. This will move all of the VMDKs and VMX files to the same folder on the datastore. But when you looked on the file system through the Service Console, you would see that there was a so called delta file witch indicates that there is a snapshot active. 1 are stating: vMotion Enhancements. VMware vSphere on NFS . Originally, I stored a large amount of ISO files and 10 Windows templates on this datastore and realized dedupe savings. The bad news is, since VMware Essentials Kit doesn’t include the handy features like vMotion and Storage vMotion, you have to move everything manually. Storage VMotion (SVMotion) is a new feature in VMware ESX Server 3. Consequently, these types of vmdks take awhile to create because the hypervisor inflates the vmdk with these blocks of zeros which must all be written to the storage array which also has to commit space. Then the array copies/moves it. In the hosted log file, you may see the error: Snapshot guest failed: The file is too big for the filesystem. Two VMs were showing that they were still using the old datastore although Used Space column showed that 0 B used. This can be done non-disruptively with storage vMotion, of course. We know that same can be achieved via storage vMotion as well without running “vMware vCenter Converter Standalone Edition 6. •Storage Vmotion delete VM’s •If we are going to recover a deleted VMDK file, many customers need to move their working VMs over to another storage before we start the analysis •Storage Vmotion allows a virtual machine’s VMDK files to be moved from one VMFS volume to another while the machine is still running. ) running on a prodution VMware vShere cluster. Edit the VM storage policy, select Rule-set and write down the Tag name; Right click the newly added datastore Select “Assign Tag” Add the Tag to datastore for association to VM Storage policy. For more information about the VMware VMDK driver, see VMware VMDK driver. Note: if you want to reclaim your “wasted” storage back from your SAN, you have to recycle the whole datastore. 1 together with New The VMDK disk files laying on local storage are moved from one host to  machine—the VMDK and configuration files located on the storage . While they are being migrated, they do get quiesced by the hypervisor, so it is recommended that you do Thin Provisioning allows for the dynamic allocation of storage capacity for individual virtual machines. a large number of storage migrations between virtual machine or creating a new fully-allocated virtual disk, require that the . Convert qcow2 to vmdk and make it ESXi 6. The following command will convert the . VMFS. I have concerns about moving this large of a VM that is powered on (which it currently is). actions machine (VM) diskless booting, backup, restore, live migrations with vMotion software, cloning, and disaster recovery (DR). Recommendation: Use VMFS6 if compatibility with previous vSphere version is not a requirement. vmx, . The image is stored as a single VMDK file, which is ~31GB in size. 0 last month, VMware has brought to market one of the most talked-about – and arguably, hyped – storage features in its portfolio, Virtual Volumes (VVOLs). vmdk VMFS vol 1 2. Also an iSCSI volume driver We know that same can be achieved via storage vMotion as well without running “vMware vCenter Converter Standalone Edition 6. Data Recovery Tips Alternatively, for enterprise servers, a feature called vMotion allows the migration of operational guest virtual machines between similar but separate hardware hosts sharing the same storage (or, with vMotion Storage, separate storage can be used, too). 5) has the following stipulations: The virtual machine files must move. U” method for allocating storage as you’re essentially promising you’ll have enough storage for all these VMDKs at some later date. You can clone or storage vMotion/migrate (SvMotion) greater than 2 TB to only ESXi 5. The goal for this document is how to quickly find the needed information for a VMotion event. Depending on the size of the VMDK and the performance of the SAN and the transfer method (FC or iSCSI) this will take some time naturally. So if you want to migrate just one hard disk to make sure the VMFS datastore will not fill up. As I was encountering pretty slow transfer rates between the ESX and the NFS datastore, I decided to improve the classic Powershell script used to relocate VMDKs (which is easily found on many TinkerTry VMFS Storage Reclamation almost sounds fun, with SDeleting and Hole Punching, and even a little Drive Zapping! These instructions are assuming an intermediate level of sysadmin and VMware ESXi computer skills. While this technology is rather refined, we can still encounter configuration issues when implementing it. vCeneter, vMotion) Resolution In vSphere 5. This is a request from a client, as the storage and backup vendor has stated that there are advantages to doing this. 1 hosts or earlier. Last week I moved (Storage vMotion) all (40’ish) thinly provisioned VMs from the NetApp NFS datastore they were on, to the Celerra NFS volume. The administrator notices that machines VMware on virtualizing Exchange 2013: Logical design: • Determine approach to virtualizing Exchange (how many servers, role placement, clustering, DAGs etc). Applying the Storage vMotion process on a VM will automatically align the VM directory and file names with the name of the VM so they are again the same. Disk Test_VM_. 5 hypervisor as well as the vCenter Server management server for some of the dynamic storage management capabilities discussed below, namely Storage vMotion and Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler ( Storage DRS ). Storage Performance and IO Load Basics Leah Schoeb, Vice Chair, SNIA Technical Council SNIA EmeraldTM Training SNIA Emerald Power Efficiency Measurement Specification, for use in EPA ENERGY STAR® June 24-27, 2013 The latest release of VMware's enterprise-level hypervisor and management suite raises the bar with the addition of built-in backup, thin provisioning and fault tolerance options. - remap the Create the Luns on the destination array (must be at least as large as the source !!!) . The initial pass must create the large VMDK while subsequent passes don't have this overhead. 0 Compatible for the purpose of this project I want to use the ovftool and doing so with such a large image is not Convert qcow2 to vmdk and make it ESXi 6. It basically means that 8 concurrent storage vMotions is allowed for each datastore. Losing both your domain controllers at the same time can be catastrophic, but VMware helps you avoid this by configuring "VM Anti-Affinity" rules. Requirements. 10 Jul 2018 This article refers to VMware ESX/ESXi with the VMware license which includes Use the steps in this article to resolve the error "VMDK is larger than the files, use Storage vMotion or cold migration with relocation of files. You can store them locally on internal storage or on direct attached storage (DAS). This is different that regular vmotion which is just between hosts and the storage stays in the same place. Short story long. Rickatron shows how to do this task using VMware Converter in this post. Now you can add the new datastore to the Datastore cluster. 1 rather than the old redo log (vmfsSparse) format. ESX doesn't handle losing its storage very well and this can create locks on the VMs that can only be fix by rebooting the host (and shutting the hung VMs down first). • Design Exchange based on number of users and user profile. Storage vMotion is a component of VMware vSphere that allows the live migration of a running virtual machine's file system from one storage system to another, with no downtime for the VM or service disruption for end users. A number of times in the past couple of years, we've had issues with vMotion on ESX 4. I think my vote is for option 2. vmdk, which you can see in the command-line interface (see Figure 3. Virtual Mode RDM’s can be converted to VMDK with an online storage vMotion once vSphere supports VMDK’s with sizes greater than 2TB, but Virtual Mode RDM’s also have a 2TB limit. 5, large capacity virtual disks have these conditions and limitations: An ESXi 5. vMotion received plenty of fanfare and has been a boon to virtualized environments for nearly five years. redo accessing large To test VAAI with XIV, I did two things: a VMDK migration (a Storage Vmotion) and VMDK cloning. Question: An administrator determines that a virtual machine configured for the Development port group lost network connectivity when it was migrated with vMotion from one ESXi 5. Storage vmotion only works if you have two separate volumes to transfer between. 5, but practical uses for a VM that large are limited. This topic provides an overview of the scenarios that are supported for deploying Exchange on hardware virtualization software. In vSphere 5, the vmdk’s maximum size is 2 TB (more precisely, 2 TB minus 512 bytes). vSphere Client 5. 9 May 2018 You can set up xTract and set up a migration plan. VMware expanded VMDK file limits to 64 TB in vSphere 5. There may be times where a single large guest volume is needed. # cp test. After upgrading one of ESXi host and rebooting it, I realized that one VM's . With Storage vMotion, you can move virtual machines off of arrays for maintenance or to upgrade. * Note: The difference between the initial write and subsequent writes using the ScaleIO volume is due to thin provisioning of the VM. 5 it's possible to move VMDK files to different the VM powered on (no service interruption) using Storage vMotion. Monster VMs & ESX(i) Heap Size: Trouble In Storage Paradise September 12th, 2012 by jason Leave a reply » While running Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress on vSphere 5 VMs in the lab, tests were failing about mid way through initializing its several TBs of databases. 1 which happened after storage/SAN breakdowns/issues. An NFS based NAS storage solution is a much simpler, more automated, and altogether superior storage ecosystem for VMware datastores. i also have the 175gb file named "servername-000001. The solution described in this document is meant to ensure that a complete vSphere I had a test run here internally in order to make a point about what does, or more specifically "does not", happen when you VMotion/SVMotion a Windows Guest OS (GOS). Nice source is here. The virtual machine files must move to a datastore that is large enough to hold the largest vmdk. Source ESX 3. The hesitation over Storage vMotion versus a less impactful migration of a VM between hosts is the nature of the move. I doubt there can be a solution for this without downtime, as when you’re punching zero you’re essentially re-writing the entire VMDK. For each old datastore i wait 30 minutes before starting on the next, maybe this must be set a bit higher depending on how long the storage vmotion takes and how large the datastores/vmdk´s are. vmdk file The cool thing about the Nimble Storage array is that no matter what method you choose, it's still easy to setup and administer! With that said, for this blog I'm going to show you how to create a file share volume, attach it to the Windows file share machine as a VMDK, apply best practices and how you can easily backup the datastore to protect the data that will reside on the share. ESX Host. Then try and storage vMotion the Easy recovery from a full VMware ESX datastore October 6, 2009 in Virtualizationism | 11 comments This is the third article in a series on VMware vSphere thin-provisioned virtual disks. 2 Jun 2014 With VMware vSphere 5. This article gives the steps to shrink a Vmware VMDK virtual disk file from command-line with the Vmware utility vmkfstools. vmdk 2. Raw Device Mapping (RDM) DeepDive without the need to format it using VMFS and placing VMDK file on top of it. storage vmotion large vmdk

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